web3 will take over fashion

fashion has always been a medium of self expression and identity with a history of social class divides. the “richer” would set trends through luxury designers that would eventually get knocked off at more affordable prices and accelerate the trend. we‘ve seen this in web3 with cryptopunks and bayc being two of the top status symbols of wealth with hundreds of punk and ape derivatives that have helped highlight the value of the actual OGs.

i’ve always been a believer of the “trickle up” effect in fashion, meaning that instead of trends going from the top classes down, it does the opposite. we saw supreme collaborate with louis vuitton and forever blur the lines of high and low, streetwear designers become creative directors of the biggest fashion houses, and rappers becoming the face of them. there’s a tribal element to streetwear that matches pfps, making you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than you. it’s a form of identity that represents who you want to be and how you portray yourself. the community aspect of #apefollowape is similar to brands like thrasher and supreme that, in the 80s and early 90s, represented a subculture of skaters that stuck together and followed each other.

this will happen in the exact same way with web3 on a bigger scale than it has so far. we are a subculture made of creators that want to fuck shit up and prove to the non believers that we’re building the future. we want a cryptopunk next to the mona lisa the same way off-white ended up on racks next to dior. or an azuki jacket next to a kith coat at the flagship store.

we’ve seen a preview of this happen in the last year or so with the top grossing brands including nike, gucci, d&g and adidas all being fashion. i believe we’re still in a trickle down period where these companies are coming in to web3, helping mold the space, and continue to play within the web3 sandbox. it still feels separate from their primary web2 core and i believe those lines will soon be nonexistent. there’s going to be a shift that trickles up where web3 native brands influence what happens in traditional fashion, like a checks by jack butcher x louis vuitton collaboration using the art as a monogram pattern.

i’ve experienced a similar concept with my background as a chef and restaurateur. i started in hospitality because it was something i grew up around and didn’t require a college degree. it used to be an industry that acted as a means of survival and became a voice in culture and entertainment overnight. chefs became celebrity chefs, restaurants became pop up art installations and tv programming shifted to leading with food. i became the first and only culinary talent ever to be managed by roc nation. through that, lots of fashion brands including gucci, zegna, dior, and moncler wanted to work with me because wearing their clothes on tv, in magazines and at my restaurants was a new way of them staying in tune with a culturally inclined audience. i see that exact same thing happening in web3 where the top creators will lead the cultural influence.

my goal with probably nothing is to turn it into the fashion brand that pushes that trickle up effect forward and inspires brands beyond their web3 strategy, the same way supreme inspired louis vuitton to blur the line between streetwear and luxury. lv didn’t drop a separate streetwear collection as part of a marketing strategy, they decided to take inspiration from street culture and make it a part of their story. that’s what will happen with a web3 native brand disrupting the status quo.

probably nothing’s record label in partnership with warner records falls under that same ethos. musicians are muses to designers and help mold trends by what they wear on stage, at events and on the streets. probably a label believes in that same trickle up effect by looking to today’s web3 artists as the forward thinkers of culture and giving them the resources to create limitlessly through the help of a major label. i believe that through-line between fashion, music and different aspects of culture is what will differentiate us as we grow.

my recent announcement explaining our proof of license (“POL”) concept will represent web3’s core beliefs of democratizing IP ownership and pushing creators forward. imagine a probably nothing flagship store with our core collection, collaboration pieces with big fashion brands and pieces created by our holders who share the license of our trademark with us. a place to showcase the music of our label’s artists with special experiences that bring the community together. the goal is to make that the standard.

i’m building everything with the highest level of intent, creating new ways of sharing clothing collections and products while utilizing technology in our story telling. fashion is the perfect medium to integrate web3 because it’s an art form that incorporates visuals through design, shows, campaigns and physical stores. it’s built around access and represents us in the real world in the same way that we’ve branded ourselves digitally in this new space. the future is being molded as we speak and we are here to build it.