the experiment

my intention is, and always has been, to create dope shit. to create art. things that become drivers of culture, things that inspire the ideas that forge a collective [counter]culture.

the experiment was to create a piece of art with no announcement, no marketing, no influencer bullshit. no definitive path forward, or roadmap. just art at an accessible price point that prevents bots and gives collectors a sense of emotional and fiscal ownership. in a time where the nft space as a whole has been low, my goal is to see how many people are still willing to bet on artists and trust the process.

we see now, more than ever, a pursuit of the nostalgic — the music, the style, the teenage spirit of the 90s are being reborn as people search for things to subscribe to in an ever-evolving world of infinite content.

‘the internet is a fad’ comes full circle. it acknowledges the early adopters of the internet who survived doubt, fear and shit talking in the face of an economic downfall and still managed to steer the ship towards a more productive future.

the same goes for web3 and nfts. belief in the journey: the story, the artist, the process, the unlimited bounds of creativity; that’s the type of shit that’ll get us to the other side.

we all believed in the early days of the web3 space when the power of the individual, community and creators were at the forefront of our collective narrative. when people gave a shit about supporting art and the artist without expectation. when people knew that the blockchain had the power to disrupt everything we’ve come to know.

early 2021 felt like a renaissance for culture enthusiasts, just like the 2000s did when the daily mail told the world that millions were giving up on the internet, calling it a fad.

this is just the beginning of an experiment. an experiment where buying art and your belief in those artists gets you rewarded with more art. where collecting art for the sake of being an art collector gives you a chance to build a unique and meaningful collection.

owning ‘the internet is a fad’, the first piece of art in this experiment, will evolve into discounted access to unique pieces created in collaboration with some of the biggest artists in the world. imagine building a portfolio through a democratized process that is solely based on the fact that you bet on the artist(s) behind it.

‘the internet is a fad’ is just the first part of the experiment, the next chapter will unfold soon.