probably nothing

when i launched probably nothing over a year ago, the vision was to create a brand that represented web3 culture in the most authentic way possible. i took a lot of inspiration from supreme in the way that they’ve always represented skate culture authentically, without trying to grow too quickly as skating became mainstream. i see a lot of parallels with what my vision is for probably nothing, a fashion brand deeply rooted into web3 culture. the kids that rock pfps and wait in line for sneaker drops, or introduce themselves with their ens names at rolling loud. those are the core members of the community i’ve worked hard on bringing together over the last year.

with that in mind, we decided to focus on as many individual holders as possible, identifying the ones that would inspire us, and make us better understand how people connect to web3 emotionally. the cultural formula is made of human connection mixed with intention, and we are set to create something that makes people feel like they’re a part of a greater set of beliefs that transcend beyond owning an NFT. a year later we’ve defined the vision on how to build the most impactful web3 fashion brand in the world with a core family that will grow with us. 

throughout my career in the culinary world, i became known for my unconventional thinking, collaborating with artists in other industries that helped tell a different story around my food. fashion and music were always at the forefront of that. i became the first chef signed to roc nation, endorsed by gucci and zegna, and collaborated on food and art with artists like quincy jones, miguel, and jaden. i’ve designed experiences with fenty and hosted conversations with the most talented designers at paris fashion week. and what i love about web3 is that it’s completely forgiving of limitless thinking. we launched a web3 major label with warner records within six months of dropping our free probably nothing genesis pass. and now we believe that we’re about to create a blueprint for how projects build ownership with their communities.

that brings us to our biggest announcement yet. 

over the last 8 months, we’ve spent a lot of time and capital securing the trademarks for “probably nothing” in order to create a clothing brand that we believe will change the way people think of building in web3. we are officially going to share the ability to use the “probably nothing” trademark with key partners and our community.

here’s the plan we’re implementing now and growing over the next couple of years:

  1. release a core fashion collection that best represents our identity
  2. educate our community on the probably nothing culture and our brand bible
  3. collaborate with other brands that fit our vision and give them use of our trademark
  4. give top holders of our probably nothing genesis that best understand our vision the use of our trademark to create their own probably nothing clothing and products
  5. share the trademark with more community members until everyone who wants to be a part of this vision, can be

the probably nothing genesis NFTs will soon become your proof of license (POL) that give the ability to legally use the brand on things that you create. imagine going to an event and seeing the coolest probably nothing jacket you’ve ever seen on another holder, designed by that holder and available to buy on our website. imagine being able to create your own capsule collection inspired by your story in web3 and being able to brand it as probably nothing, helping give it instant support. or seeing the words ‘probably nothing’ on the runway for a gucci show, across the hat of your favorite skater or at a musical festival on merch. what makes most fashion houses and streetwear labels successful is their story. there’s a tribal element that brings people together in the exact same way that pfps do. there’s a reason most of the successful NFT projects in the last year have been with fashion brands.

traditional fashion collaborations require so much leg work that is completely eliminated with our proof of license (POL) concept. we hope to pave the way for more companies to share their brand name ip in the future. we’re firm believers in pushing the boundaries of intellectual property forward, we’ve been doing it with studio a projects through probably a label and now want people to be able to use ip at the brand name level vs. a single pfp.

probably nothing is a term that has become synonymous to web3 culture, an ironic take on the meteoric yet underground rise of NFTs and crypto. some of the largest brands in the world entered the space using the term; adidas is one of the most successful brands in web2 and web3 and used it across their first NFT clothing capsule. 

our goal is to bring this all together, starting at the top with our core fashion collection that trickles down across our community then onto other cultural brands. 

we’ll soon be announcing our initial partners and what we’ve been working on. for those who’ve stuck by us over the last year, thank you. let’s push the culture forward and fuck shit up.