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Jeremy Fall Palmeras


i believe in creative freedom.

i’ve created food, cocktails, designed restaurants, made art, built brands. i’ve written books, articles, and lyrics for global icons. i’ve collaborated with musicians, hosted television shows, produced podcasts, and directed videos. i continue to create within a playground that i’ve spent years building for myself.

some of it will never see the light of day, but i continue to make my mind turn and take inspiration from anything and everything around me that motivates me to keep pushing.

we talk about multi-hyphenated people, but our world still lives in a bucketed mindset that we’re made to fit within.

my vision is for the outliers, the others, the weird kids; the ones that will never be satisfied with following someone else’s path. for those that don’t believe that something is ever finished. for those never satisfied and never complacent. for the people that feel an itch to always do more and never see an end to anything. those who haven’t fit in their entire lives, those who have never succumbed to the traditional expectations of what the world thinks they should be.

the day that i can define what my job is, is the day that i’ve given up on having an imagination.

i’m building an ecosystem of projects that all are designed to act as catalysts that trigger conversations. to inspire thinking and by-products that spread ideas to others. everything you see is part of a larger story and the overarching narrative that will always persist is the idea of pushing people to refuse definition of themselves and to stretch the imagination beyond its highest abilities.

it doesn’t always have to make sense. or feel like the right move. or be on brand. you are the narrator, it’s your story, it’s yours. stop worrying. stop thinking. stop overthinking. stop wondering. stop doubting. stop listening to your excuses.

instead keep pushing. push yourself to think bigger, think further, think differently, create crazy shit, make yourself uncomfortable, make others uncomfortable, break walls down and fuck shit up.

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